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We were able to catch up with Gale, Rue, Thresh, Glimmer and Marvel during their Atlanta stop of the HG Mall Tour. We sent our very own Jess and Vijay. You probably can’t tell but they were as giddy as the girls in the crowd.

Now, we actually don’t totally remember who the heck Glimmer and Marvel are exactly (probably because we read the book in like, an hour), but AREN’T THE VIBEZ PALPABLE BETWEEN THOSE TWO? We’re calling it - total showmance!

You heard it here first, people.


Tips & Tricks!

Horror movies are not rare here at CMF and we wanted to share some know-how on how to create real-looking fake blood that you can use in a wide variety of circumstances. We have two “recipes” for the folks at home…one is edible, for any out-of-the-mouth gushing shots and the other is best used to splatter and spray. Enjoy and let the blood keep spilling!

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